You will receive a notification as soon as the goods are on their way. As soon as the package is ready for dispatch, you will receive an email.

Our order processing time is 2-4 business days.
(This just means that we confirm your payment, ensure your lamp works properly, and get the order packaged up.)

Our shipping time to the U.S. is 2-3 weeks
(We're improving this all the time thanks to customers like you supporting our small business and allowing us to hire more talented people)

Our shipping time to countries outside the U.S. is 2-4 weeks

Why would a package be returned?

We count on our shoppers to provide their correct address.  if we make an error on your address a replacement will be sent  free of charge.  If the shopper makes an error, we will send a replacement at cost.

To track your order you can visit and enter the tracking number you received in your email confirmation.

7-15 Day Worldwide Shipping

We have customers in more than 100 countries, worldwide. So you can rest assured our experienced team knows how to supply and deliver your order, quickly and efficiently. No matter where you are.