Contemporary, Mid Century & Modern

Cordless Lamps

Mantar™ Lamps

Mantar is the pinnacle of elegance. Founded in Istanbul, Turkey and now headquartered in Calgary, Canada. Featuring a collection of cordless lamps that are designed in Turkey, hence the name "Mantar™" which means mushroom in Turkish. The unique and minimalist aesthetic of the Mantar Lamps are said to bring a cozy vibe to any living space.

Contemporary, Mid Century &Modern Lamps

If you love modern, minimal, and designed to last lamps like us then you're at the right place. We've designed the Mantar Lamps to express a contemporary aurora in any space.

Mantar™ Table Lamp - Mantar Lamps

Premium Quality

Metal plating insures a subtle color reflection and superior durability. Wireless and rechargeable to allow for mobility, elevating the mood of any space you enter.

Easy to use

Featuring a touch sensor on our cordless lamps allows them to be easily configured with a simple tap.

The most prestigious hotels, restaurants and brands across the world choose Mantar lamps.

As Seen in

A black lamp goes with anything. It goes in any room, and it can do a lot. For the late nights, when the big light is too much but reading a little helps set a mood for sleep, a table lamp like this one is perfect. These lamps are also touch-tone, cordless lamps that can be moved around wherever needed. Hold them and walk around like Ebeneezer Scrooge holding that candlestick thing.