Contemporary, Mid Century & Modern

Cordless Lamps

Mantar™ Lamps

Mantar is the pinnacle of elegance. Founded in Istanbul, Turkey and now headquartered in Calgary, Canada. Featuring a collection of cordless lamps that are designed in Turkey, hence the name "Mantar™" which means mushroom in Turkish. The unique and minimalist aesthetic of the Mantar Lamps are said to bring a cozy vibe to any living space.

Contemporary, Mid Century &Modern Lamps

If you love modern, minimal, and designed to last lamps like us then you're at the right place. We've designed the Mantar Lamps to express a contemporary aurora in any space.

Mantar™ Table Lamp - Mantar Lamps

Premium Quality

Metal plating insures a subtle color reflection and superior durability. Wireless and rechargeable to allow for mobility, elevating the mood of any space you enter.

Easy to use

Featuring a touch sensor on our cordless lamps allows them to be easily configured with a simple tap.

The most prestigious hotels, restaurants and brands across the world choose Mantar lamps.

As Seen in

It’s been reported that New Yorkers are stealing these cordless table lamps from restaurants because their glow is so cosy and romantic. If I were into petty larceny, my preference would be these dimmable, rechargeable lamps from mantar.