Vezir™ Table Lamp - Mantar Lamps
Vezir™ Table Lamp - Mantar Lamps
Vezir™ Table Lamp - Mantar Lamps
Vezir™ Table Lamp - Mantar Lamps
Vezir™ Table Lamp - Mantar Lamps
Vezir™ Table Lamp - Mantar Lamps

Vezir™ Table Lamp

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Vezir™ Table Lamp from Mantar offers easy portability and is crafted from iron acrylic. Its sturdy base tapers up to a curved, mushroom-shaped shade, and with a universal USB cable, can be recharged to provide up to eleven hours of illumination at the highest setting.

Easy to use

Choose from three different light temperature settings by tapping the Vezir. Adjust the brightness by tapping and holding on the lamp.

No Wires - Minimal Design

Wireless and rechargeable to allow for mobility, elevating the mood of any space you enter. Don't worry about trying to hide ugly wires that ruin the aesthetic of your space, just pick it up and place wherever you'd like.


Material: Iron, Acrylic
Finish: Metal Plating
Environment: This lamp is for indoors use only. It can be taken outdoors, but must be kept and stored indoors.
Dimensions: W: 15.6cm / 6.14in, H: 21cm / 8.3in
Weight: 0.5kg / 1.1lb
LED life time: 50,000 hours
Package Includes: 1×Vezir Table Lamp, 1×USB charging cable


Designed by Mantar

The pinnacle of elegance. Mantar Lamps are designed in Turkey, hence the name "Mantar" which means mushroom in Turkish. The unique and minimalist aesthetic of the Mantar designs is said to bring a cozy vibe to any living space. Mantar's mission is to create new paths by balancing opposites: classic and modern, industrial and organic, sculptural and minimal, light and shade.

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